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Guaranteed Pay Per Click - PPC Services

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The Importance Of PPC (Pay per Click) For Your Marketing Campaigns

PPC or pay per click is a comparatively new way of paid advertising and you only have to pay when your advert is physically clicked on. When visitors click on your advert they are taken to your website or sales page that is targeted to your advertisements product or service, meaning a higher chance of achieving a sale or enquiry.

Pay per click (PPC) services are offered by many search engines and portals and you are asked to bid for keywords that relate to your product, service or industry. There is tough competition for certain keywords and you might spend hundreds of pounds for a few keywords, however there are also certain keywords available for a few pence that can be advantageous for your campaign, even if there are only small amounts of people actually searching for these keywords per month.

Thus pay per click or PPC advertising is good for delivering targeted customers to your websites; however this type of advertising is not suitable for non-profit making businesses, as it can become costly.

The most popular pay per click channels are Google’s AdWords, AdBrite, BidVertiser and Overture as these search engines have large networks and traffic volumes. You might also be interested in showing your advert in a particular geographical region and now that technology has evolved, most channels offer geographical advertising, which further enhances the targeted advertising benefit of pay per click.

The selection of keywords for bidding is the most important task for any PPC (pay per click) campaign as certain keywords might be costly. Research shows that the top five bidders of almost all the keywords get the maximum traffic and conversions; therefore it is not necessary to make the highest bid for specific keywords.

Once you register with the PPC (pay per click) search engines and deposit money in your account, you should start from the lowest possible amount and increase your budget in a phased manner.

In order to get more traffic, conversions and sales, your advert plays a key role. Your advert should therefore be eye-catching, so that the maximum amounts of people click on your adverts and are then diverted to the website to make the desired call-to-action, as the conversions or sales depend on the first impression of the landing page and its contents.

A beautifully designed landing page having informative and impressive contents will generate more sales. The next and most important thing is to monitor your adverts and if they are not generating sufficient sales, change them so that more and more people are being diverted to your landing page.

So, keep watching the earnings from your PPC campaigns and monitor your ads regularly.

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