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At Utopia we take our web site hosting very serious. We only provide and use hosting data centres in secure reliable locations to ensure our clients' websites, email and data is accessible 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

No expense is spared in ensuring that security and uptime is a number one priority. Our servers are hosted in million pound data centres in the UK and every care is taken to ensure your data is safe.

Your web sites are treated as our own and as such we use hardware firewalls and and the latest equipment to ensure your online assets stay as assets.

Managed Website Hosting UK


Data Centre Features

The data centres are protected by stringent security precautions to control access, environmental controls to maintain peak hardware performance and emergency power supplies to ensure that our service to you is not affected by network power outages.

Access Controls

The data centre can only be accessed through magnetically locked doors that can only be unlocked with a special swipe card. The centres are manned 24/7, and are fully protected by CCTV. Customer access is also heavily restricted and permissible only by prior appointment.

Environmental Controls

The servers are protected against fire outbreaks using the FM200 gas-based suppression system, designed to extinguish a fire within seconds without leaving a residue on hardware.

The centres are equipped with sophisticated air conditioning systems set at 20 degrees C and 50% relative humidity to ensure the systems operate as efficiently as possible. Moisture detection systems guard against leakages, alerting centre staff to any leak before it can affect the services.


The power supplies are designed with resilience in mind. Data centres are equipped with Uninterruptible Power Supplies to ensure smooth, uninterrupted delivery of power to all machines at all times.

In addition, the centres have backup diesel generators to keep the service to you up and running even in the event of a major power grid failure.

Hosting Prices

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